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How Accidents and Incidents Affect F1 Racing Mood

formula1_accidentsAs this year’s F1 season comes to an end this year, as a fan, you cannot claim not to have enjoyed all the 18 races. All the same, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will not disappoint you. Away from the circuits, you cannot help but admire the rivalry between teams. It is also interesting to see how teammates compete with each other. Cases of teammates hitting out at each other are not new. It is not an unusual occurrence. As a matter of fact, it adds flavor to the event.

Revisiting Hamilton’s exit at the Spa

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are a case in point. During the Belgium Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps in August, Hamilton had to retire. This was after teammate Nico Rosberg crashed into the back of his car. Rosberg admitted to being responsible. Ironically, Rosberg did not win that race. He came second after trailing behind Daniel Ricciardo. Rosberg apologized even though he had initially stated that he thought he had the right to make the overtaking maneuver that cost Hamilton the race.

Rosberg’s support from unexpected quarters

Team Mercedes disciplined Rosberg all the same. Surprisingly, Sebastian Vettel threw his weight behind Rosberg. Vettel, in his supporting remarks, said that the accident was a normal occurrence. He did not see why it drew all the fuss and media attention. Earlier, Hamilton had said that Rosberg had acted on purpose. In Vettel’s opinion, no professional F1 driver would wish to be considered disloyal. He further added that anyone trying to pull such tricks on others usually ends up failing.

Sad win for Hamilton at Suzuka

All the same, the incident left Hamilton trailing by 29 points behind his teammate. Hamilton managed to recover so well from this incident. He won the Japanese Grand Prix hence regaining the deficit and extending the lead over Rosberg by 10 points. Rosberg came in second place. A somber mood covered the race following a crash by Jules Bianchi. The Frenchman picked serious injuries and was taken to hospital.

Victory with no celebrations

There were no victory celebrations. The top three drivers simply took a swig and put the giant bottles on the floor. Such is the anticlimax of F1 races whenever a colleague gets involved in a serious accident. A dense fog and heavy rain descended on Suzuka. This made it impossible for drivers to see more than a few meters ahead. Cars had to rely on the guidance of the safety car before retiring to the pit lanes after one lap. Hamilton’s victory was his first ever at Suzuka.

St Devote – notorious Monte Carlo corner

At the Monaco Grand Prix, drivers have to be cautious at the St. Devote corner. In 2013, there was a 14-car pileup during the GP2, a precursor to the main F1 event. Drivers had to be shown how to tackle the corner safely. Considering that this is a street race, event organizers are always on high alert. St Devote is one spot where all drivers approach with caution.